About Us

Primed (verb):
1. to make ready; prepare.
2. to prepare (a surface) for painting by covering with size, primer, or an undercoat.
3. to inform or instruct beforehand; coach.
4. to enjoy libations

We, the members of Primed Art Collective are bound together by the love of art & libations.  With varying backgrounds and experience, we  have created a social environment that enhances our art-making process as individuals.  We influence one another, lend a helping brushstroke when needed and encourage experimantation where ever possible. Each of us brings different techniques and perspectives to Primed.

Once a week, we meet for a creative session and the mandatory post-studio pint. We are: Mike Baril, Michelle Denny, Jason Doupe, Cory McCarthy, and Sheila McCarthy. Primed’s studio is located in Studio #18 at Artpoint Gallery and Studio Society. 1139 – 11th St. S.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

If you want to know more about us or are interested in purchasing artwork, please email us at info@primedart.com.

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